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Epoch 3.0.2 Bornholm

King of the Hill - Standard


Reign Of Kings

Rust 2.0

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King of the Hill - Infantry



Seven Days to Die

Server Rules

1.) Role-Play is required.
2.) KoS is Prohibited. This means killing someone without any intentions given.
* If you are meeting up with someone under attack, you must state to the attacker you are defending this person.

3.) 'Side chat bitching' and racism is not allowed.
4.) War must be declared in chat before assaulting a castle.
5.) Building ‘Sky Bridges’ to get across the King’s Castle or other areas is prohibited.
6.) Killing of sleepers (Buritos) is frowned upon as no RP is given. But it is not enforced very often.
7.) Crest placement and building in the Castle is not allowed.
* This is only until explosive kegs are re-enabled in the game.

8.) Iron/Stone/Oil Nodes are not to be blocked.
*However they can be guarded and ransomed.

9.)Fun is our goal so try to be what you want the server to be.

** Server wipes will be done when game updates require it.
** We will delete abandoned homes, sky bridges and any items left on unclaimed land for server stability.

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